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“Hi, I am Giorgio, member of #ocsteam since 2004. My role in this family is to give shape to my colleagues’ drawings; simply put, I am a CNC operator.”

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“Hi, I’ m Marilena and in #ocsteam I’ m Export Area Business Developer. I can say that through me OCS molds have no frontiers.”


“Hi, I am Angelo and I have been a member of #ocsteam for 20 years. My colleagues say I am an expert of a pins and bushes. For me, family comes first.”

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“Hi, I am Michael, #Ocsteam’s CAM programmer, quality assurance operator and advertising Instagrammer.  I am metal drummer and karate lover. My motto is TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG!


We are following a growth path including transversal technical training and engaging every single collaborator, sharing every goal achieved and celebrating our successes.

If you are passionate about O-ring molding and technical rubber items just like us, join our #ocsteam.


Become a member of our #ocsteam: send your resume and presentation filling in the form below:

At the moment we are looking for :

Operator on CNC milling machine

We require:

  • Secondary school diploma in mechanical engineering.
  • At least 3 years of experience in the role.
  • Team working skills.

Recommended: Heidenain/Mazatrol/Selca


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