Our client’s goal is our goal

That is why we commit to provide the finished mold ready for installation on molding machines and production. We offer a wide variety of surface treatments to fulfill every performance requirement and guarantee long-lasting molds.

Why choose our chrome-plating service

Our chrome-plating service stands out for the greater penetrating capacity of chrome: a new agent interacting with chemical components confers a more penetrating micro-cracking. This offers enhanced hardness and greater protection against corrosion. The solution used to deposit chrome is free of simple or complex fluorides and doesn’t affect ferrous materials that are cathodically polarized.

Through periodical thickness measurements we could register:

  • A reduced tendency of the solution to form nodules, thus limiting deposit thickenings on corners;
  • A highly homogeneous distribution and covering capacity of the metal.


Chrome-plating represents the most widespread and used treatment on molds for rubber washers thanks to its aesthetic and functional characteristics as well as the multiple benefits offered. More specifically:

  • Very shiny mold surface;
  • High resistance to abrasion, corrosion and oxidation;
  • Tripled duration of rubber mold;
  • Simplified part ejection.
  • Easy to clean and service.


A procedure successfully experimented by our clients that eliminates cavity brightness to obtain a homogeneous mold and in turn enhanced molding. Also required to get a more wrinkled mold surface.


This special treatment combination is the perfect solution for highly sticky compounds as it eliminates the “suction cup” effect with enhanced detachment of rubber. Suitable for molds used with silicon, Viton and peroxide cured rubber.


Heat transfer treatment performed on the entire plate down to the steel core, with mechanical hardness, firmness and resistance for a long-lasting mold.


Chrome Nitride treatment with HDP technology (High Density Plasma) delivering higher and extremely compact thicknesses for an outstanding hardness. Great resistance to high thermal loads. The perfect solution for uninterrupted long productions with highly abrasive rubber. Chrome Nitride is accepted by FDA (Food & Drug Administration).


Plasma surface treatment which penetrates all cavities evenly and achieves a hardness of 2800 HV with a layer of just 4-6 microns.


This treatment is ideal to produce non-toxic molds, especially for the food and pharmaceutical sector. It is combined to a heat transfer treatment up to 320 °C to increase the mold hardness. Suitable for technical item molds with very deep cavities and/or undercuts.


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