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For 40 years O.C.S. has been leading a primary role in the manufacturing of moulds for industrial parts made of the different types of Elastomers and Silicones presently available on the market.
In the course of these years the Company has designed and manufactured over 40,000 tools for injection and compression moulding not only for O-Rings, having improved rather dramatically in the production of moulds for bespoke technical parts such as X-Rings, V-Rings, Bumpers, Grommets, Caps & Plugs, Frames, Suction Cups, Bellows, Boots, Vehicular Parts, Vibration and Shock Isolators, Lipseals, and the alike. Assessing their presence on the market as O-Ring leading manufacturers at the very beginning , O.C.S. have greatly evolved adding a wide range of tools for the production of more complex parts both standard and customer’s tailored.
As a plus, O.C.S. grant the possibility of processing the manufactured moulds by the Hard Chroming , Sandblasting and Hardening treatments as well as allowing the possibility of sampling each tool – using the customer’s compound – on the latest Desma S3 300 ton injection press machine installed in-house.
O.C.S. quality in the production of “state-of-the-art” moulds origins from the accuracy and seriousness of the inspection carried out on each tool detail : this guarantees a perfect and certified execution.

Our people, your moulds.

We strongly believe that processes come before products and that individuals come before processes. We want to work side by side with you on your next mold.


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