Since long O.C.S. has been going through all stages for a constant and continuous improvement , focusing all their efforts in offering their customers the highest quality tools and trying to optimize their quality concept to their customers’ needs.
O.C.S. main goal is to reach quality personalization proposing tailored solutions lining up with their clientele’s requirements while maintaining a constant confidence and advice relationship with it.

In O.C.S. we keep in the utmost consideration all processing technologies , starting from the concept development stage as an integral part of the geometry and material considerations. Once the prototype is completed , our manufacturing engineers optimize the recommended process for the customer’s design, based on performance, costs as well as on other project targets.
Exchanging precise information helps ensure clear communication with the customer and detailed documentation allows our engineers to develop the project from one critical stage to an optimal one , thus saving valuable time and costly mistakes.
Once the project is complete, O.C.S. manufacturing engineers optimize the recommended process for each customer’s design, based on performance , costs and other project goals and are available to carry out targeted tests to ensure that the tool performs perfectly.
Being a market-focused Company, O.C.S. familiarity with all applications allow us to find the perfect solution in the shortest time and with the utmost efficiency.

Our people, your moulds.

We strongly believe that processes come before products and that individuals come before processes. We want to work side by side with you on your next mold.


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