Hard-chrome Plating

Since 1999 O.C.S. has set up an in-house electro-plating unit , thus allowing their customers to get an already treated mould in a short time and at a lower cost.

The advantages of a hard-chromed mould can be so summed up:

  • Mould polished surface;
  • High resistance to abrasion,corrosion and oxydation;
  • 3-time longer life of the mould;
  • Easier part release as well as easier cleaning operations and maintenance.

The actual pros , if compared to the standard treatment , lie in the fact that O.C.S. have studied and developed a method that enhances chrome with a more powerful infiltration capacity. Thanks to a new agent acting on the chemical components we can obtain more micro-slots thus achieving both higher hardness and protection against corrosion. The solution used to deposit chrome does not contain simple or compound fluoride : this allows the non-ferrous metals , cathodly polarized , not to get corroded.

Our routine thickness controls enable us to ascertain :

  • The highly reduced possibility of this solution to create nodules, thus reducing thick deposits on the edges;
  • An even distribution and a higher covering of the metal plate.


Thermic treatment all over the plate surface into the steel core, enhancing hardness, strength and mechanical resistance to achieve a longer life mould


Successfully adopted by many of our customers, it turns the mould into an even surfaced tool, eliminating the cavity shining and thus achieving a better finish of the moulded part.

Laser Engraving

By means of an advanced laser system O.C.S. can engrave or mark both cavities or the mould.


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