The history of the first cars can be traced back to the early 1900s in the United States. We are all familiar with the Model T designed by “the Ford Motor Company” and Henry Ford. Ever since these early years, cars have played an important role in society. Throughout history, through ups and downs (the current crisis is an example), the automotive industry is still a very strong one for our economy, and we are confident that it will enter the recovery phase in the next few months.

At O.C.S, we also experience the development of the automotive industry in our daily business. Recently, we completed a mould dedicated to the automotive sector:  an injection mould for bumpers. The slogan when designing this mould was SAFETY. Our customers contacted us and asked for support to create a mould which would ensure the safety of operators during the moulding stage of industrial rubber articles and to minimize the risk of errors due to operator distraction. Consequently, the mould’s purpose is to minimize the manual operations required to peel off the completed workpiece.

What did we do?

We built a detachable mould. In fact, in case of large moulds with many cavities, and especially where the geometry of the element is articulated, operators often face greater difficulties in removing the article. Our detachable mould helps the customer on 2 fronts: because the removal of the article from the mould has been simplified, the operator can perform the work in complete safety and the removal time is reduced. Time is money, and optimizing mould performance is essential to ensure fast, high-quality production. Moreover, at O.C.S. we design our moulds thinking about the person who will work closely with them. Therefore, ensuring maximum safety for the operators using the mould becomes our priority. Here is the final result of the mould:

Currently, the mould has already been delivered to our Portuguese customer and has already been used to produce rubber bumpers.

If you want to find out more details about our moulds, contact us and we will be happy to help you by approaching your project with passion, faithful to our motto “Our people, your moulds“! 

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