“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.”
John Ruskin

Guaranteeing quality moulds to our customers is certainly one of our priorities. Starting from the project of the mould, to the choice of materials, and the quality control that follows the production phase.

Our moulds are made of steel. Steel is a ferrous alloy composed, for the most part, of iron and carbon. This material hides a world behind it. In fact, there are numerous types of steel. Each type of steel has specific features. For each mould we produce, we select the type of steel which is the most suitable for the mould’s final functionalities.


What does the choice of a certain steel over another entail?

First of all, the choice of the raw material influences the quality of the final mould. In addition, the life cycle of a mould will be longer if the most suitable material is selected. Even the final product is affected. A quality mould will make the moulding phase easier and the results in terms of the final piece finishing will be optimal.


Which type of steel do we use the most?

Most of our moulds are built in grades C45 and 1.2312. The first and important factor for choosing this steel is its price. These two steels combined with a subsequent chrome-plating treatment are cheaper than a mould made with a more resistant and hardened steel.

The maintenance process is also much simpler. For example, in case of mould wear , it is sufficient to abrade the surface and re-chrome it making a minimum investment that enhances its performance as if it were new. Conversely, if the mould is hardened in 1.2343 steel, it is necessary to lower the plates and remake the mould, with definitely higher costs.

However, to satisfy the demands of our customers over the years, we analysed, researched and introduced other kinds of steel.

In short, the choice of steel is a fundamental phase in order to obtain quality moulds which satisfy the needs of our customers.

To find out all our tips about steel and moulds for technical rubber items and O-rings or the rating of the main types of steel, watch our video now!

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