In moulds for plastic and rubber small residues of dirt often remain after moulding.  

Cleaning is a fundamental process to preserve the quality of the moulded part. Indeed, it is necessary to remove all of the residues before starting a new production cycle.  

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For residue removal we recommend two methods, both very simple and applicable with minimum investments: 

1- The first method is cleaning with fiberglass brushes; 

This type of cleaning makes it possible to work directly on the machine to remove small particles of smoke or rubber residue without creating any damage to the surface of the mould. 

Thanks to the delicacy of the glass the chrome-plated surface of the mould is not affected and your mould will be completely clean and ready to be used. 

2- A second option is cleaning with degreasing sponges; 

Sponges makes it possible to clean the mould when it is cold and it is easy to remove small residues of dirt from the surface. This is done manually and takes longer than the other procedures but guarantees an optimal result for the most difficult dirt residues. 

Now all you have to do is look for the correct sponge and let your moulds shine!

Follow us to learn more with us and continuously enhance the quality of your final moulded parts. 

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