What will the cars of the future look like? What will happen to the automotive field after the Covid 19 pandemic?

The automotive sector is waking up. Automotive companies are thinking about the future. They cannot predict the market trend, but they look forward and they think about next projects. The cars of the future will become increasingly smart thanks to technological advances. In addition, respect for the environment will become a prerogative. In fact, eco-friendly cars will appear on the market. Automotive companies are ready to work and get back on track. At OCS, as partners of many companies from this sector, we have already implemented many projects. Today, we want to show you the mould we have recently made for the supplier of an important automotive company.

What did we do?

We worked with the supplier of a well-known car manufacturer that produces luxury cars and designed and built an injection mould for a technical rubber article.

Our #ocsteam found an intelligent solution to design and make this mould. The design includes a mould made of four moving plates on a press maching with just one ejector. We and our client are very satisfied with the final result and that is why we want to share it with you in the photo below.


Here is an efficient injection mould for luxury cars! What do you think? We strongly believe in the potential of mould and every day we contribute to supporting our partners. If you have questions or projects that are buzzing around your head, we can offer you personalized consulting. Get in touch with us is simple, just click here.

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