90% of the largest rubber and silicone gasket manufacturers choose chrome plating for their moulds.

In O.C.S. chrome plating is the treatment par excellence. The durability and efficiency of a mould largely depend on the resistance of its surface. Chrome plating plays a crucial role in ensuring surface protection during the moulding process. However, over time and following numerous moulding cycles, the chrome plating can undergo a wear process. Being able to promptly establish whether the chrome plating is damaged is essential to prevent any negative impacts on the quality of the final product. In this article, we’ll explore two simple steps to understand if the chrome plating of the mould is worn.

  1. Check the injection sprue

You can check the injection sprue as we show in red in the picture. If you see that the colour shade is not even, uniform and a yellowing can be seen, it means that the chrome plating is no longer there, and the mould is no longer protected. As a consequence, if you keep using a worn mould, the rubber parts will be of poor quality.

  1. Check the injection gate

The sprue is where the rubber enters and flows into the cavity. Here’s the area where the abrasion takes place.

In this case, you should follow the second step and check the injection gate.

  1. If the injection gate is in tolerance: you can proceed with dechroming and rechroming of the mould
  2. If the injection gate is out of tolerance: the burr becomes coarse, the edges are rounded, the pieces are easily smeared. The only solution is to remake the mould.

Keeping the chrome plating of the moulds in optimal conditions is essential to guarantee the production of high-quality articles. Acting promptly in the event of anomalies, such as “yellowing” of the surface, can prevent irreversible damage to the mould and reduce costs associated with complete remakes. Careful maintenance and constant monitoring of the mould surface translate directly into a more efficient production process and the creation of higher quality products.

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