In full emergency Covid-19, three companies operating in the rubber industry (Mongodi Srl, ITG Srl and Ca.Do.R Snc), have decided to give their contribution to the community.

After having chosen 2 other companies for the design and the realization of the mould, they have startet up the project yOur Italian Mask, which involved different local companies in the rubber valley, for the silicone mask’s realization.

A joint effort, which we at O.C.S. proudly took part in.

The project that has been studied and developed, by different professionals, guarantees in every details a safe, comfortable and effective product to the end users.

The mask has been designed to host different interchangeable filters, for general and medical use. The material used is a food silicone hypoallergenic, easily sanitizable and compliant with FDA, Bfr, REACH and RoHS regulations. Inside each package, in addition to the mask, there are 50 TNT filters (non-woven fabric), of which 25 generic for common use and 25 for medical use type 2.

yOur Italian Mask is customizable, both in color and with company logo, and has been created to be distributed in stores or directly used into companies.


Its advantages are:

  • Hypoallergenic food silicone ensures durability;
  • The environmental impact is greatly reduced compared to traditional disposable masks;
  • The innovative design allows you to have only a small part of the mask in contact with the skin, easily adapting to each face and obtaining excellent breathability;
  • Its ergonomic style ensures maximum comfort thanks to the elastic fabric and the flexible edge.



We at OCS, in particular, have contributed to the creation of this mask by designing and manufacturing the mould for the production. Taking the cue from some technical devices of a mould that we had previously made and with the support of a design studio, in 6 weeks we gave life to yOur Italian Mask.

Our Extra Division was able to respond to the requests by creating, in record time, injection moulds, with almost zero burr, as proof of the quality of our work.

This was a great opportunity to demonstrate that our company is a firm point in the production of moulds for any technical rubber article as well as a reliable partner for any project for our customers.

A project in which we participated with great enthusiasm and which gave us great satisfaction, in a particularly complex moment.

An example is the feedback from this Canadian company: “Hi Cinzia, I wanted you to know that the masks that you are making work very well. The primary advantage that I see of these masks is that they seal perfectly to the face, so there is much better protection from Covid for this mask than for a disposable N95 Mask.”

If you are interested in purchasing yOur Italian Mask masks find out more information on the website or send an email to

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